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Affordable Homes Super Center is Arkansas Premier Champion retailer offering floor plans for both Manufactured and Modular homes. Affordable Homes Super Center with over 20 years experience in transporting and setting homes and with are knowledgeable staff and set up crew we promise the best one stop shop home buying experience


Ascend / The Pursuit 2860H22A1A

Built by: Champion Homes
1600 ft²
26'8" x 60'0"
The Pursuit 2860H22A1A / Beautifully crafted family home features spacious living room, open concept modern kitchen with c...

Prime Series / The Grand 2868H42P01

Built by: Champion Homes
1813 ft²
26'8" x 68'0"
The Grand 2868H42P01 / Estate size sprawling family home features spacious living room open to family size dining area and...

Prime Series / The Apex 2856H32P01

Built by: Champion Homes
1493 ft²
26'8" x 56'0"
The Apex 2856H32P01 / Skillfully crafted and efficiently designed double section family home features privately located ma...

3D Virtual Tours

Our ultimate goal is to change the way that individuals and families buy homes. We strive to make this process easier than it has been in the past. One of the methods that we use to reach this goal is by utilizing Virtual 3D Home Tours. It is a fun and revolutionary process that allows you to view a home that has not been constructed yet. This technology lets you and your family step inside of a virtual home and explore the space from any vantage point, with a 360-degree view.


Affordable Homes Super Center is proud to be an industry leader in the Great State of Arkansas. We strive to remain active in the manufactured housing industry and to give back by volunteering our time wherever we can.

In closing, we at Affordable Homes Super Center are committed to remaining a leader in the factory-built housing industry and to moving it forward through the 21st Century. When you shop for a new home with us, you can rest assured you’ve chosen a retailer that can deliver you a modern, reliable, and beautiful home — and a retailer with a deep knowledge of how to help you make the most out of your investment.

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Our Core Values


At Affordable Homes Super Center, we strive to offer our customers only the highest quality of manufactured and modular homes. As a large part of this effort, we only partner with the best—Champion Homes. Champion has a long standing reputation for building beautiful, high quality, reliable factory-built homes. Precision built from the best available materials in climate-controlled environments, the homes we carry are built to last a lifetime. We can guide you to the one that’s right for you and your family


Factory Built homes that are built in this day and age can be shipped with top-of-the-line brand name appliances. Custom add-ons like porches, decks, and custom fireplaces are now easily added. While homebuyers can choose from many pre-existing floor plans, they can also customize the layout of their new home to fit their budget, taste, and lifestyle. The majority of modular homes and manufactured homes sold today are custom-built. Advances in the building process have allowed manufacturers to produce homes in a wide array of architectural styles. The factory-built process allows modular homes and manufactured homes to be customizable to the degree that is far beyond what is possible with a site-built home.


Manufacturers who build manufactured homes purchase materials on such a large scale that their savings are passed directly onto the homebuyer. Along with this, homes built in a factory setting do not have the same issues with theft, vandalism, and damage that are frequent with site-built homes. Also, building a home in a climate-controlled environment means that that modular homes can be constructed at a quicker pace. All of the expenses related to security, consistency, and ensuring stability are exponentially lower than that of a site-built home. The efficiencies and savings present in a factory-built home directly translate into increased affordability for the home buyer.

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Eric was a complete professional when completing work on our home in 2018. We could not be happier with his work.

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