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Build - Install - Deliver

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Not only do we provide great homes for an affordable price, but we will take care of all the work for you! Our prices include delivery of your home, installation and all the necessary extras to provide ease when moving into your new home.

We include air conditioning installation, skirting for your home and steps. There are no hidden fees! All of our services are included with our pricing!

We are located in close proximity to Champion dealership which ensures that our local customers will have an quick and efficient service.

Light Fixtures

Affordable Homes Super Center Inc also provides customers with individual parts for your home. We proudly supply all of our parts from Blevins Inc to guarantee that you will receive top quality.

No matter what sort of replacement or new installation you may need, we can easily provide you with the right materials for an unbeatable rate. Not to mention, we will provide our assistance to repair or install new items into your home.

Whether you need weatherization replacements, new plumbing and electrical appliances or just miscellaneous fixtures, we can supply you with the items you need.

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